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Unique RF-Watch Software
RFID Software Product Description and Specifications

The RF-Watch RFID Security Monitoring Software (‘RF-Watch’) is designed to be used with Wavetrend RFID Readers and Tags to provide Real Time Visibility of people and assets to enable secure Facility Management and Asset Security. RF-Watch is a highly configurable RFID software application. The RF-Watch RFID software system gives you the ability to monitor and manage facilities and key business processes. RF-Watch will locate and record the movements of RFID Tags on people, assets and shipments anywhere with a reader network and record the movement of active RFID ‘tags’ in predefined areas and govern those movements with a system of rules. RF-Watch is a high quality, cost effective end to end solution requiring no other software. The system is scalable from standalone to a global networked and can be customized to meet user’s specific process requirements. RF-Watch can be a completely wireless system, hard wired or a combination of the two. RF-Watch can be used for true hands-free access control and hands-free gate control. The software's logic can determine if a Tag is entering the site or leaving the site and can generate On Site or Off-Site Status reports from its database. The software can monitor and control Inputs and Outputs using USB or Ethernet I/O Boards as well as monitor IP Based Cameras and IP based Intercoms. The software will record video from IP cameras and store video to the PC's hard drive.
The base software license includes the ability to monitor 5 RFID readers and 50 RFID Tags (Sold Separately). Additional License Keys can be purchased online.


  • Wavetrend RX200 Series RX1310 Network & RX1510 GPS Readers
  • Wavetrend Active Tags
  • IP Based Video Cameras
  • USB, I/O Boards
  • Ethernet, I/O Boards

RF-Watch Applications:

High Security Facilities: Allows organizations to maintain secure perimeter monitoring and total visibility of the location of people and assets across and within pre-defined zones. Military establishments and commercially sensitive sites can establish zero-gap security.

Prisons and Detention Centres: Specifically designed for prison and institution management to provide real-time knowledge of the location of detainees and key assets (like key bunches). Safely and efficiently increase the ratio of guards to prisoners and reduce the cost of supervising detainees.

Corporate and Government Buildings: Real time Facility Management enables employers to manage access control, and time registration and evacuation management processes. RF-Watch also enables employers to improve workforce productivity and process compliance and performance. RF-Watch can help companies provide a safer, more secure environment for their employees.

Factories, Warehouses and Depots: Real time Facility Management enables employers to manage access control, and time registration and evacuation management processes. RF-Watch also can provide managers real-time alerts into the status of raw materials and finished products as they move within the enterprise and across the supply chain to customers. Decrease inventory and improve customer service with exact knowledge of stock levels.

Construction Sites: Construction and property organizations can use RF-Watch to assist them to manage assets, people and operations more effectively and to optimize the use of their property portfolio and associated real estate assets effectively. They use RF-Watch to address some of the following key business issues:

  • Record Tag Activity in Database
  • Generate Tag, Asset and Employee Reports
  • Productivity of the labour effort
  • Complex operations scheduling
  • Processing of contractors onto site
  • Logging Visitors onto site
  • Locating spares, equipment and personnel
  • Shrinkage of materials
  • Late deliveries and high cost expediting
  • Verification of work completion
  • Hands Free Access Control
  • Hands Free DIRECTIONAL Gate Control with A/B Logic to determine if Entrance Gate or Exit Gate is to be opened.
  • True On-Site and Off-Site Reporting
  • Mustering Reports for tabulating employees that have reached safe zones
  • Monitoring Rounds of Security Guards on site
  • Employee and/or Asset Location on Site

Groups and Group Rules:

With RF-Watch RFID Software, groups and group rules can be created as well as "parent" relationships so that alerts can be generated and logged if an asset leaves a zone or if conditionally the asset leaves a zone without its parent.  Examples of the resulting actions are:

  • Record Tag Activity in Database
  • Display a message on a PC
  • Log a Violation
  • Log Violation for Tag with Strongest Signal in Zone
  • Open a Door for a Number of seconds
  • Send Email
  • Send Net Send Message
  • Show a CCTV Hyperlink
  • Speak a Message on a PC
  • Turn I/O Board Pin Off
  • Turn I/O Board Pin Off for a number of seconds
  • Turn I/O Board Pin On
  • Turn I/O Board Pin On for a number of seconds

Note that software and RFID items cannot be returned unless defective, in which case we will exchange the defective items for new. RFID components are custom components that are programmed to order and unique to a single Customer. There is a 25% restocking fee for the cancellation of any RFID order prior to shipment. Once shipped, RFID orders are not refundable.

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